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Ls Lolita Preview

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 08:28:18 -0500From: DougSubject: Dumpster DivingI was doing the dishes when my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was Ls Lolita Preview anincoming text message. I wiped my hands and looked around. My wifewas in the next room, talking to her friend Annie. I checked, and myheart sank. The message was from Bill.The text of it read, "I'm hard. Meet me in back by the dumpster in 30min." I bit my lip. How was I going to explain going to work thislate? I thought for a minute, and then set my cell phone so that Ls Lolita Preview itrang. I answered it and pretended it was a call."Hello? Oh, hi Bill, what's up?" I listened for a minute, and thensaid, "Let me check." Still holding the phone, I walked into theliving room, where my wife and her friend were relaxing with some wine."Honey? It's Bill," I said to her. "He's found some problems withone of the accounts and needs to see me.""Right now?" said my wife."I'm afraid so. I'm sorry, but he said it couldn't wait. Do Ls Lolita Preview youmind? I should be back in an hour or two."She looked at Annie and shrugged. "Well, if you'd rather spend thenight at work, I guess I can't stop you. Annie and I will just haveto entertain ourselves." They laughed and sipped their wine.I left the room and put in a jacket. It was a chilly evening, and Iwasn't looking forward to being outside. I kissed my wife, and leftfor work.I was angry. Angry with myself, and angry with Bill. I was hissupervisor, and what we were doing would get us both fired if it wasfound out. With a wife and a supervisory role, though, I had more tolose.It had started two months ago, shortly after I'd hired him. Bill wasa big, handsome guy, but Ls Lolita Preview that wasn't the reason I had taken him on.I'd never done anything with a man before. Sure, I'd thought aboutit, but the idea of doing anything with a guy had stopped me cold; Iwas content to just fantasize.It had started at a conference we'd gone to. One night, he'd invitedme to his hotel room, and Ls Lolita Preview we'd gotten drunk. The next thing I knew,he was kissing me on the bed, his body on top of mine. Why I wentalong with it, I still don't know. The evening ended with me blowinghim, and loving it. After blowing his load in my mouth, I staggeredback to my own room, wondering what the hell I'd just done.After that I was embarrassed and didn't want a repeat, but that didn'tstop Bill. A few days later we went out to lunch. While driving inhis SUV, he'd unbuckled his pants and pulled his cock out, and told meto suck it. When I protested, he'd grabbed my head and forced me downto it, so I sucked it like he wanted while he drove. I couldn't denythat I enjoyed it, and judging by his responses, he enjoyed having medo it.After that, he'd grown more demanding, more insistent. Now it wasseveral times a week I had him in my mouth. Once, when I'd tried tostop him, he'd threatened to expose me, so I backed down. That nighthe fucked me in his apartment, hard and fast, and I found out Ienjoyed that, too. He'd called me his bitch then, and told me if Iwanted to keep this a secret, I'd do whatever he wanted.Which was why I was pulling into work at 9pm. I drove around the backto where the dumpsters were. It was pretty secluded and dark, but Iwrinkled my nose at the thought of doing anything back there. I wasright on time, but Bill wasn't to be seen. I got out of the car andwalked slowly to the spot, looking around. I didn't see anybody,which made me feel better.When I got to the dumpster, I noticed a note taped to it. I looked atit and read, "Bitch: Take off all your clothes and put them in theplastic bag. You don't want them to get dirty, do you? Do it NOW.P.S. You're going to beg tonight!"" It wasn't signed, but I knewBill's handwriting.I stood there with my mouth open. He couldn't be serious! I couldn'tdo it, I just couldn't... but all the while I stood there, tellingmyself I wouldn't do it, my cock was growing hard in my pants. Irealized I was arguing with myself, all the while knowing I would doas I was told.I took off my jacket and put it in the bag. My shirt followed Ls Lolita Preview it.Looking around again, I quickly removed my shoes, then my pants andboxers. After a moments hesitation I took off my wedding ring andwatch. Lastly, I took off my socks. The concrete was cold beneath myfeet and I shivered. I couldn't believe it; I was naked Ls Lolita Preview in theparking lot, shivering, but hard. I prayed that no one would come by;it would be the end of everything. I slid Ls Lolita Preview over to the building andtried to make myself unnoticeable. The concrete felt filthy on thesoles of my feet. Where the hell was Bill?And what the hell was wrong with me? This was insane! If I gotcaught I'd be fired, arrested, jailed... why couldn't I just say no,instead of acting like some kind of stupid...Slut. I stopped suddenly, and came to the realization that Bill hadturned me into a slut. I couldn't stop myself from obeying him. Nomatter how much I complained or hated myself, the fact remained that Iwanted, needed, his cock. I needed his presence, his power, his willfocused on me, bending me to his desire. And I was naked in theparking Ls Lolita Preview lot because I knew if I did there was a chance he would giveme what I needed. I touched my erection and bit my lip with pleasure,and waited in the darkness.After a few minutes, I heard the sound of a car entering the frontlot. Oh shit, I thought, looking around wildly. It was probablyBill, but if it wasn't... what if it was a security guard? I gaspedwhen the vehicle came around the corner of the building. It wasn'tBill's SUV, it was a car! The headlights swept over me for a moment,blinding me, and I scuttled sideways to hide behind the dumpster.There was a lot of trash on the ground, but I didn't care, I had tohide. Maybe the driver hadn't seen me.Hoped died, though, when the car pulled to a halt by the dumpster.The engine stopped, but the headlights were still on, illuminating myhiding place. I whimpered as I heard a car door open and close, andfootsteps approach. My mind was full of terror.Just as I saw the man's silhouette round the dumpster, he clicked on aflashlight and shined it in my face. I was Ls Lolita Preview blinked, totally blinded,cowering naked in the trash."Well, well, well," said a voice I didn't recognize. "It looks likeI've found me a faggot!"A small sound escaped me. I wanted so desperately to vanish, or towake up and discover that this was a horrible nightmare."What's the matter, faggot? Did your boyfriend dump you back here?"the man laughed.My brain started working again. Whoever this guy was, he didn'trecognize me. Maybe I could get out of this situation somehow."Y-yes, he did," I squeaked. I was so frightened my voice barelyworked."Let me guess, he caught you cheating on him?" asked the man, stillinvisible behind the glare of the flashlight. I nodded my head,trying to formulate a plan. "I bet he caught you sucking some otherguy's dick, huh?" I didn't say anything at that, just lowered my eyesto the ground. "Yep, I thought so," he chuckled."Well, crawl on out of there, fag," the man said, motioning with hisflashlight. When I hesitated, he said "If you make me come in afteryou I'll beat you to a pulp. Now Ls Lolita Preview move!"I started to crawl out, afraid of disobeying him. When I emerged frombehind the dumpster into the glare of the headlights I still couldn'tsee. Still on all fours, I squinted up."Now why don't you give me a reason why I shouldn't call the cops,"the man said."Please," I said. "This was a mistake, I won't do it again!""That's not good enough," he said. "Give me a better reason!"My mind was racing. I had to convince this stranger to let me go, andI couldn't think of anything! "Because... because... " I lowered my gaze,and my eyes locked on the guy's crotch. I could se his erectionthrough his khakis. Suddenly I knew what he wanted. "Because I'llsuck your cock if you let me go!" I cried out."Oh yeah?" And why would I want my dick sucked by a cheap littlebitch like you?" he sneered. I reached for his bulge, but he knockedmy hand away. "Tell me!""Because I'll suck it really good!" I stammered. "Please, please,let me suck it! I'll do a really good job, I swear!""Hmmmm..." The guy took a moment, savoring my discomfort. I reached myhand up again, and this time he didn't stop me. My hand caressed hishard cock through his pants. "You must really like cock, huh? Howmany blow jobs have you given today, bitch?""I... I don't remember," I said, working his cock. "A lot, I guess." Istarted to unzip his pants with shaky hands."Well, I guess one more won't hurt," Ls Lolita Preview he said. I felt a flood ofrelief; he'd let me go if I blew him! Then he said, "If you doeverything I want right now, I guess I won't call the cops. But thishad better be a damn good blow job!""Oh, it will be," I said, pulling down his pants. "I promise, I'llsuck it so nice! Thank you!" With his pants around his knees, Ipulled down his boxers, and his hard cock sprang free. It was a nicesize, not as big as Bill's, but still bigger than my own cock, whichwas hard again. I leaned forward to kiss it, but he grabbed my headand stopped me."Not so fast," he said. With one hand holding my head, he grabbed thebase of his cock with the other and slapped my face with it, hard. Iyelped, because it hurt! He smacked me again, and a third time."What do you want?" he asked me."Your cock! I want to suck it!" I moaned, as he spanked my faceagain. "Please, please, let me suck it! I need it!" And I did.Never mind the fact that he was blackmailing me, I suddenly reallywanted that dick in my mouth. You slut, I thought to myself. Itdidn't matter. I was staring at it, mesmerized by it's throbbinglength."So suck it, bitch!" He thrust forward into my open mouth, and pushedit deep inside. I started to suck it like my life depended on it,because maybe it did.I slurped and sucked like a cocksucker possessed. He pumped his hips,and held my head still, so I focused on his cock. Honestly, it didn'ttaste all that good; I think he could have used a bath, but thatdidn't matter. All that mattered was that I do my absolute best, andI was. I moaned with lust; my hands grabbed his flabby ass andsqueezed it."Oh, yeah," he moaned. "Fuckin' slut fag. Eat my fuckin' cock!" Helet go of my head, so I slid my eager lips up and down the length ofit, making obscene noises with my mouth. Up and down, quickly, itslipped out of my mouth at one point, and I rubbed it all over myface, smearing myself with my saliva and his pre-cum."God, I love your cock!" I groaned.He pulled me back and slapped me with it again. "Hah! You love anycock, don't you?""Yes... yes! I love any cock!""Are you a little cocksucking slut?" he pressed.I didn't care, I was insane with lust. "Yes! I'm a cocksuckingslut! Fuck my face with your cock, please!" Needing no moreprompting, he grabbed my head with both hands and started pumping.His cock battered the back of my throat; I adjusted my position on myknees to allow it to slip down into my gullet."Yeah, take it! Slurp that cock, motherfucker! And look at me whileyou do it!" I tilted my head up slightly and squinted; he had theflashlight pointed right into my face. I still hadn't seen what helooked like; I just knew he wasn't Bill. Still, I let this horriblestranger rape my mouth with his hard on. I was in heaven, feeling thefirm length of it slide in and out of my mouth and throat, hearing thesounds it made, loving the way it tasted. I wasn't really afraid ofanything right now; all I could think about was being a goodcocksucker, the BEST cocksucker.When he pulled out of my mouth again I waited to be slapped in theface with it, but he didn't do that. Instead he grabbed my hair withhis strong hands and hauled me to my feet. "Ow! Oooow!" I said, myvoice hoarse from all that throat pumping."Shut up, bitch," he said. Once on my feet, he turned me around so myback was to him, his erection pressed against my upper buttocks. Oneof his hands pressed around my throat, not choking me, but holding mein place. He put his other hand up to my face and shoved two fingersinto my mouth. Instinctively I started sucking on them.After they were good and wet, he removed his hand. He moved me overto the dumpster and bent me over it. The smell was foul! His kneeforced my legs apart, and Ls Lolita Preview suddenly I felt his wet fingers forcingthemselves into my ass."What?" I stammered. "No, please, let me suck it, I want to suckit!" His fingers hurt as they worked into me, pumping in and out."You want this too, bitch. If you want to keep your little ass out ofjail, your gonna take it wherever I want to put it, and I want to putit up your pretty little butt!" He smacked my ass hard with his hand,and I yelped and grabbed hold of the dumpster. He pulled his fingersout, and I felt his cockhead, slippery with my saliva, poke againstme. I felt the head of it pop into me and I whimpered.He Ls Lolita Preview held it there, though. I jumped when I felt him spank my ass,once, but it stayed inside me. "Tell me you want it," he whisperedinto my ear."I... I want it," I said, shaking with a combination of fear, lust, andcold.Another smack, harder this time. "Louder! Tell me what you want,bitch!""I want it!" I said, louder. "I want you to fuck me!""Why do you want it?" he pressed, his cock moving in a little deeper.When I didn't respond right away, he spanked me several times, makingme cry out."I want it because I'm a dirty slut!" I yelled. "Please stick itinside me, I really want it! Please!"He grunted and pushed his cock in deeper. And deeper. It hurt! I'donly been fucked once before, by Bill, and while this guy's dick wassmaller, there wasn't a lot of lubrication, so his cock fought its wayin, inch my inch. It was so hard, though, there was no denying it. Igrabbed the rim of the dumpster and willed myself to relax, to take itlike a Ls Lolita Preview good little slut, biting my lip against the pain.Eventually it was all the way in; I could feel his belly pressedagainst my back. God, it felt huge, filling my ass. He started topump it with small strokes. I groaned as the strokes because deeper,my ass opening from the pressure."Yeah, that's it, baby," he hissed into my ear, his tone obscene."You got a nice tight ass for such a dirty slut. And you love it,don't tell me you don't! Now take my fucking cock, whore!" He startedfucking me harder, his hips slamming into my butt. I groaned loudly,uncaring of who might hear it. Bent over the dumpster in a dirtyparking lot, taking a stranger's cock up my ass, I felt like thedirtiest Ls Lolita Preview whore in the world. And god help me, I liked it! Everyrational instinct I had told me to resist, told me that this wasn'twho I was, but the feel of that cock inside me overrode Ls Lolita Preview everything.Soon I was panting with lust, pushing back with each stroke, all paingone, nothing but pleasure sweeping through my befuddled brain.Certainly when I woke up this morning I never imagined I'd be where Iwas now, naked, gripping a dirty dumpster, being fucked hard and fastby a stranger who'd threatened me with jail. I was in danger oflosing me job, my wife, my reputation, if discovered. But thesethoughts had fled from me now; getting my ass reamed in a parking lotseemed like heaven. "Yes, yes, fuck me harder, harder," I moanedthrough gritted teeth, meaning every syllable.He gave a series of hard strokes, each one lifting me off my feet andimpaling me on him. "Oh! My! God! Yes!" I choked out, one word ateach stroke."Fuck yeah, bitch!" he was saying. "You're loving it now, yeah?Loving my cock up your butt!" He was almost shouting, but I didn'tcare. How could I? He wouldn't stop until he came, and I didn't wanthim to. I just wanted that cock!Then I heard someone laughing. Someone new. Someone was watchingus. I still didn't want the guy to stop, but I wanted to know who itwas! Wildly I looked around, and I saw... Bill. Standing next to thedumpster, a video camera in his hand, recording the scene. I staredat him, my mouth open, unable, for a moment, to process the scene."How's he doing, Manny?" Bill asked the guy behind me."Fucking great, man. You were right; he's an obedient little bitch.He begged, just like you said! And this ass is so fucking tight, I'mgonna lose it in a minute!""Told you," Bill smirked. He moved around the dumpster so he wasstanding in front of me, still filming. "How you doing, boss?" heasked me. "Enjoying the ride?""Oh god, Bill, what are you doing? You know this man? How long haveyou been here?" I asked. Of course, it came out a lot more jumbledthan that, considering the guy, whose name must be Manny, was holdingmy hips and really hammering me now."Baby, I've been here since the beginning," he laughed. "I set thisup with Manny yesterday, and you fell right into it! You've beenpunked, boss!" He laughed harder, keeping the video trainer right onmy face. "Oh god, your expression is priceless!""But- but- but" I stammered, reality sinking in. I wasn't going tojail! It was all a set up!"You like Manny's dick, don't you boss? Look at me and tell me howmuch you love Manny's dick! Say it!" he commanded."Oh god," I moaned. "I like Manny's dick, I do, it feels so good inmy ass, but why? Why did you do this?""Because you love it, my dear little supervisor. You love cock, anycock, not just mine! Don't you?""Yes..." I moaned. "I love cock. Ls Lolita Preview I love it!"Behind me Manny started saying, "Oh shit, oh shit, I'm coming..." Ifelt his cock bury Ls Lolita Preview itself to the hilt and then explode deep insideme. I griped the dumpster as my knees buckled, and I was held up byhis still hard cock inside me. It was the most intense feeling I'dever had, feeling him fill me with his hot cum. The whole time Billwas filming my face. Soon he'd finished. He pulled out, and I sankto the ground, gasping. I felt used, filthy, humiliated... and alive,so alive.Bill walked Ls Lolita Preview around the dumpster and stood over me, smiling. "You're amess, boss. Bet it was worth it, though, huh?"I just sat there on the ground, shivering. "Why don't you tell Mannythank you for fucking you so good?" he asked, the camera trained on me.I looked up at him, my face wet with tears and saliva. Then Iobediently turned to Manny. "Thank you, Manny," I said. "That wasgreat. I loved having you fuck me. Although, next time, let's do itsomeplace else, okay?"Manny was zipping up his pants. "Hey, no problem, bitch," he said,smiling. "You got a real sweet ass. And a nice mouth, too! Anytimeyou need a dick, gimme a call. Bill has my number." He said goodbyeto Bill, then got in his car and drove away.Bill finally put the camera down. I slowly stood up, my knees sore,my legs wobbly from being fucked. "Can I go now?" I asked him,walking towards my bagged clothes."Dude, you're going to go home like that?" he asked me. You're amess!" I looked down and saw that it was true. I was covered in dirt;my knees and elbows and feet were almost black with grime. I doubtedmy face looked very good, either. Despair welled up within me. Howcould I explain this to my wife?Seeing my expression, Bill walked over and put his hand gently on myshoulder. "Tell you what," he said kindly. "Come on back to my placeand get a shower. I'll bring you back here and you can drive home.""Thank you," I said."Hey, it's the least I can do," he said. "After all, you've been areally good sport about this. He wrapped me in his arms and pulled meclose. I collapsed against him, savoring his warmth. Then he waskissing me, and I was kissing him back, heedless of my location orcondition.When the kiss ended, he said, "But first, I want a dumpster blowjobfrom a dirty bitch. Feel up for a second one?"I stared up at him, then ruefully shook my head. A slut's gotta dowhat a slut's gotta do, I thought, and sank to my knees. As I wasunbuckling his belt, I asked, "What are you going to do with that tape?""Don't worry about it," he said. His magnificent cock sprang free,and I inhaled my second cock of the evening greedily. "If it's asgood as I think it is, I'll make a little money on it."I stopped sucking for a minute. "And what will my cut be?" I askedbefore swallowing it again."Baby, you get paid in cock!" he laughed. "That's a currency you canunderstand!"He was right, I thought, as I sucked his hard on. I was a slut, acock whore, and I wanted more. I was happy right where I was, withhim in my mouth, next to the dumpster. A filthy slut.
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